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Ford Kuga 2012 – Fault Codes

Ford Kuga 2012 Fault codes

These Ford fault codes are applicable to Ford Kuga and also: Ford Fusion, Focus and Mondeo.


Fault CodeDescription
Р0100 – Р0105The on-board computer of the vehicle reports a breakdown or incorrect signal from the air flow control device.
Р0106 – Р0108The auto system has a malfunction in the air pressure sensor. Also, these combinations of numbers may indicate an incorrect signal coming from the device.
Р0110 – Р0114Failed or on-board computer receives the wrong signal from the intake air temperature control device. Replace item.
Р0115 – Р0118Frequently encountered error in Ford cars Mondeo . One of these combinations means a breakdown or incorrect signal from the antifreeze temperature sensor. To eliminate this damage, you must check the quality of the coolant in the system or replace the sensor.
Р0120 – Р0123The on-board computer informs the car owner about the wrong signal or the failure of the device “A” of the throttle position control. The signal should be checked and the component replaced if necessary.
Р0130 – Р0167The appearance of one of these combinations on the screen   laptop car diagnostics   means that the incoming signal from one of the three   oxygen sensors   is wrong. Or the device itself has failed. In order to eliminate the malfunction, the element must be replaced or more thoroughly diagnosed the electrical circuit.
  Р0176 – Р0179It indicates a malfunction of the emission sensor or the wrong signal coming from it to the on-board computer. It is necessary to replace the component.
Р0180 – Р0188The Ford on- board computer detected an incorrect signal or a malfunction in one of the two fuel temperature control devices. You should make a more thorough diagnosis of the component or replace it with a new one.
  Р0190 – Р0194The on-board computer of the car reports an incorrect signal coming from the device controlling the level of gasoline pressure in the fuel rail or a malfunction of the component itself. Check the electrical circuit and replace the sensor if necessary.
Р0195 – Р0199“Brains ” Ford recorded the breakdown of the element that measures the temperature of the engine fluid in the engine. Also, one of these combinations may indicate an incorrect signal coming from the sensor. As a result of the appearance of one of these codes, the circuit should be diagnosed for openings and short-circuits, and the sensor should be replaced.
Р0220 – Р0229An invalid signal is received from the position control element of the second or third throttle valve (“B” or “C”).
Р0235Invalid signal from the turbocharger pressure sensor. The electrical circuit should be diagnosed for short circuits or open circuits.
Р0236 – Р0242The on-board computer of the car reports the wrong signal from the control device of the first or second turbine. It is necessary to replace the component.
Р0326 – Р0329An incorrect signal was detected from the first knock sensor. It is necessary to change the component.
Р0330 – Р0334The car’s carriage detected an incorrect signal from the second knock sensor. You need to more carefully check the electrical circuit and replace the part with a new one.
Р0335 – Р0339The on-board computer informs the car owner of an incorrect signal or failure   crankshaft position sensor. You need to check the chain or replace the part, depending on what the fault is.
Р0340 – Р0344If one of these combinations appeared on your laptop screen when diagnosing your Ford , it may indicate a wrong signal coming from the camshaft control device. The sensor should be replaced if necessary, or check the electrical circuit for breaks.

Engine codes

P0171 – P0172Too poor or too rich mixture in the engine.
P0173The on-board computer recorded a gasoline leak from the fuel system.
Р0174 – Р0175One of these combinations of numbers indicates the wrong level of the mixture in the engine (too poor or rich).
Р0215Reported failure of the solenoid off the motor. With such an error, it may be difficult to start the engine. Also, the motor can troit when it is turned off. Replace the component.
Р0216Interrupted or short-circuited in the circuit control the injection time. Need to more carefully check the chain.
Р0217BK informs the car owner about overheating of the engine. First, check the quality of the coolant. In Ford cars Focus and Mondeo this error is one of the common. As a rule, it occurs due to the loss of antifreeze of its performance characteristics.
Р0218BK has registered excessive temperature in the transmission system. Possible overheating. In this case, the operation of the transmission may be incorrect.
Р0219Excessively high engine speeds are reported.
Р0243 – Р0246One of these combinations indicates the incorrect operation of the first solenoid (A) of the exhaust gas shutter. The device can always be open or closed. It may also indicate a wrong signal.
Р0247 – Р0250These figures as a result of the diagnostics report that the BC has registered the incorrect operation of the second solenoid (B) of the exhaust gas shutter. Replace the component.
Р0251 – Р0255Reported incorrect operation of the injection pump of the first turbine. You need to more carefully check the circuit for openings and closures or replace the pump.
Р0256 – Р0260One of these combinations of numbers indicates an incorrect signal from the second turbine injection pump. Also, these errors can be said about the failure of the element, resulting in the need to replace it.
Р0261 – Р0296These codes report malfunctions in one of the twelve nozzle cylinders. It may be:

·   closing the flail of one of the nozzles to the ground;

·   open circuit;

·   injector driver malfunction.

In such cases, it is recommended to check the circuit more closely for open or short circuits. If this does not help and everything is in order with the chain, then the failed injectors must be replaced.

Р0300BC recorded single or regular misfire.
Р0301 – Р0312These combinations of figures indicate a misfire in one of the twelve cylinders.
  Р0410An incorrect secondary air supply system is reported. The system should be checked for leaks.
Р0410 – Р0417The appearance of these codes on the laptop screen during car diagnostics indicates:

·   failure of one of the two secondary air supply valves;

·   detecting errors in the secondary air supply system;

·   wrong mix flow through the system.

A more thorough check of the system should be made, as well as the failed valve should be replaced.

Р0420Is one of the most common in the diagnosis of vehicles Ford Mondeo or Focus . This combination indicates an inefficient operation of the catalyst system.

Faults in the electrical circuit

Р0200 – Р0212Reported faults in the injector control circuit. It is necessary to make additional diagnostics of wires and to reveal the place of breakage or short circuit.
Р0213Defects in the operation of the control circuit of the first or second cold start nozzles were recorded.
Р0230 – Р0233In the event of the appearance of one of these combinations, the on-board computer warns the driver about an incorrect signal coming from the fuel pump. A breakdown may consist in shorting, grounding or breaking the wires of the primary or secondary circuit.
  Р0320This combination informs the driver about a break or a short in the electric circuit of the ignition distributor. This may also result in misfire.
  Р0321 – Р0323An invalid signal is reported in the electrical distributor circuit. The signal may be intermittent or out of range. In addition, it may simply be absent.
Р0325Registered breaks in the electrical circuit of the first knock sensor. An incorrect signal may come from the device, but the problem cannot be fixed by replacing the component.

Other breakdowns

Next, consider codes that do not fall into any of the above categories. However, these combinations of errors are most common in Ford Fusion, Focus and Mondeo cars.

Р1000It is reported that the readiness check of the EOBD system was not carried out. This code is hardly an error. Most likely, this is a sign of system self-tuning. As a rule, it appears after a memory reset has been performed, a recalibration hasoccurred, or a module has been reflashed . Often this code will disappear automatically after the calibration has passed, that is, the car will be used for a while.
P2008On-board computer recorded incorrect operation of the intake manifold. Also we can talk about faults in the electric circuit.
U1900  BC recorded a connection failure on the CAN bus. To eliminate this error, you must:

·   disconnect all trip computers used in the car;

·   turn off all electrical devices, including the media system, GPS navigator, etc .;

·   turn off the alarm;

·   reset the DTC using the on-board computer or disconnecting the battery terminals.

  Р0420  This combination indicates the inefficiency of the catalytic system . Defects in the operation of the catalytic converter may also be detected.
  Р1131There is a short circuit on the lambda probe.
  Р251АThe on-board computer has detected an open circuit in the switching device.   access to the RTO.
R2303This combination indicates an error in the car’s ignition coil. In practice, such a code occurs most often when the coil power wire is frayed. To eliminate the cause of damage, replace the wire.
U0001CAN data bus failed.
U0401Registered incorrect data reception with   ECM / PCM.
Ford Kuga 2012 – Fault Codes
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