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Chery PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Chery PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

Factory manuals for repair and maintenance of Chery. Like any professional technical edition, another repair manual developed by the engineers, will tell the owner of Chery how to quickly and correctly carry out any necessary operations for diagnosing and repairing all kinds of units, aggregates, and mechanisms of the car, to replace the deteriorated parts of the car. The materials of the manual will help the car enthusiast not only in the garage.

It may turn out that they will become truly indispensable for him in road conditions, especially in those moments when there simply will not be anybody nearby who could come to the rescue of the driver with business or competent advice.

The manual can also be used as a teaching technical material for teens during adult procedures for self-inspection of the car or in a home environment. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of our grateful customers, many of whom have long trusted us and repeatedly turned to us for a technical book.

Chery Bonus 3

Chery Bonus 3

At the beginning of the presented repair manual, its authors put the instruction manual for Chery. Important to each user information on the regular independent maintenance of the machine, the circuitry of electrical connections (wiring diagrams) Chery, are included in separate sections of this repair manual. Also, the manual will help its owner pick up spare parts for Chery.

The presented repair manuals necessarily be a faithful assistant to all those who already use the car Chery, or are considering buying one of these models after a while. It will also be useful for employees of automobile centers, mechanics and technicians of TO stations, employees from repair shops and numerous car service stations located on the roads, many other technical professionals performing repair and diagnostic operations with such transport as Chery.

Chery  Workshop Manual PDF free download

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
A11 electric diagram-1-forward and content.pdf20.5kbDownload
A11 electric diagram-2.pdf202kbDownload
A11 electric diagram-3.pdf348.7kbDownload
A11 electric diagram-4-SPI electic injection.pdf177.1kbDownload
A11 electric diagram-5.pdf573.8kbDownload
A11 electric diagram-6.pdf1.1MbDownload
A11 SQR7160 VEHICLE CIRCUIT MANUAL.doc21.7MbDownload
Chery Carry A18 CLUTCH_F.pdf162.2kbDownload
Chery Carry A18 COOLING SYSTEM_C.pdf241.1kbDownload
Chery Carry A18 ENGINE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM_E.pdf872.3kbDownload
Chery Carry A18 ENGINE_A_.pdf1MbDownload
Chery Carry A18 FUEL AND EMISSION SYSTEM_D.pdf404.3kbDownload
Chery Carry A18 LUBRICATION SYSTEM_B.pdf234.2kbDownload
Chery Carry A18 MANUAL TRANSMISSION_G.pdf1.3MbDownload
Chery Carry A18 SPECIAL TOOLS_H.pdf60.8kbDownload
Maintenance Mannual of Chery Karry _MK60 ABS.pdf387.8kbDownload
Maintenance Manual of Chery Karry _carbody components & dбн.pdf4MbDownload
Maintenance Manual of Chery Karry _chassis.pdf1.3MbDownload
Maintenance Manual of Chery Karry _circuit diagram.pdf860.8kbDownload


TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Workshop manual for chery v525 car_ chassis.pdf1.2MbDownload
Workshop manual for chery v525 car_body accessories.pdf3.2MbDownload
CHERY В14 Owners Manual.pdf5.3MbDownload
CHERY Arrizo 7 Owners Manual.pdf64.4MbDownload
Chery Beat Workshop manual.rar52.8MbDownload
Chery Bonus 3 Owners Manual.pdf48.5MbDownload
CHERY Bonus-Very Owner’s Manual.pdf3.5MbDownload
Chery Cross Eastar Service Manual.rar6.9MbDownload
Chery Fora-A21-Service manual.pdf13.9MbDownload
Chery Kimo 2008 Owner’s Manual.pdf5.8MbDownload
Chery S18D Service Manual.pdf11.4MbDownload
Chery A1 User Manual.rar2MbDownload
Chery A18 Workshop manual.rar9.3MbDownload
Chery Amulet Electrical Wiring Diagram.gif151.5kbDownload
Chery Amulet Engine Service Manuals.rar32.4MbDownload
Chery Amulet Engine_Manual.pdf2.7MbDownload
Chery B14 Owner’s Manual.pdf5.3MbDownload
Chery B14 Workshop manual.rar6.9MbDownload
Chery M11 CVT Owner’s Manual.pdf7MbDownload
Chery M11 Hatchback 2013 User Manual.pdf3.9MbDownload
TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Chery M11 Sedan User MAnual.pdf4.1MbDownload
Chery QQ3_User Manual.pdf2.3MbDownload
Chery QQ6 (SQR473F Engine) Workshop Manual.pdf2MbDownload
Chery QQ6 User Manual.pdf2.8MbDownload
Division and match of QQ remote controls.pdf68.6kbDownload
Chery Tiggo 5 Owner’s Manual.pdf69.1MbDownload
Chery Tiggo FL Owner’s Manual.pdf35.4MbDownload
Chery Tiggo Owner’s Manual.pdf2.4MbDownload
Service Manual For CHERY QQ6 _Body Accessories and Dimensions.pdf3.7MbDownload
Workshop Manual For CHERY QQ6 _Chassis.pdf1.2MbDownload
Workshop Manual for Chery QQ6 _Electrical, Circuit.pdf587.3kbDownload
Workshop Manual For CHERY QQ6 _Maintenance And Care.pdf633.8kbDownload
Workshop Manual for Chery QQ6 _QR513 Transmission Case.pdf1MbDownload
Workshop Manual for Chery QQ6 _SQR473F Engine-Mechanical.pdf2MbDownload
Workshop Manual for Chery QQ6 _UMC EFI for 473F Engine.pdf1.3MbDownload
Chery PDF Workshop and Repair manuals
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