Citroen DS Service - Workshop - Repair Manuals PDF Download

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Citroen DS Service - Workshop - Repair Manuals PDF Download

During the 20 years of production of the D models there were some changes in the technology. Engines ranged from 75-130 hp and grew from 1.9L displacement to up to 2.3L displacement and electronic fuel injection between 1955-1975. Basically, all engine variants are robust and have good torque. Since the D models are relatively light, the engine options are still enough today and you can drive the cars every day.

The most popular engine variant is the 2.1 L engine. It produces about 100hp, is robust and usually needs between 9-10L of gasoline per 100km. We always completely overhaul each engine. In the process, the crankshafts are also finely balanced. This improves the engine running significantly compared to factory delivery.

Gearshift and transmission

Citroën offered a semi-automatic transmission in addition to the manual transmission. This semi-automatic is a hydraulic gearshift that relieves the driver of having to depress the clutch. It is not to be confused with a real automatic transmission. The driver still has to shift gears, but without using the clutch.

Like the engine, we also overhaul the transmission. If desired, a transmission with an extended gear can be installed. It significantly reduces engine speed at highway speeds and increases comfort.


Many things about the DS were innovative back then, and some of them still are today. The hydropneumatic suspension is certainly one of the highlights. How "the floating goddess" can adjust its height is unique in car manufacturing. At rest, the car literally lies on the ground. When the engine is started, the D-model rises. The height is maintained regardless of the load. The chassis can even be raised manually, for example to overcome obstacles in rough terrain.

The hydraulics required a lot of maintenance in the early years, until 1967. From 1967 with the introduction of the "green" hydraulics, this could be reduced significantly. We therefore install the "green hydraulics" in almost all models. Of course, in such a way that it is practically undetectable. In the process, all hydraulic lines are completely redone and all hydraulic components are overhauled or replaced with new ones.

Citroen DS Service - Workshop - Repair Manuals PDF Download

Electrical system

When cables are over 50 years old, they are often brittle and then the power supply becomes unreliable. Troubleshooting is no fun for anyone. That's why we always install new wiring harnesses with every restoration. This ensures that you can rely on your D model every day.

The D-models were technical masterpieces from the 50s to the 70s, and many technical improvements have been made in the 20 years of their production. You can profit from this today. We can freely assemble and approve engines, transmissions, gearshifts and hydraulics according to your wishes. Let us advise you.

Citroen DS Workshop Manual Free Download

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Citroen DS 21 Workshop Manual.rar17.2MbDownload
Citroen DS21 Berline Cabriolet Pallas RTa 1970.pdf21.2MbDownload
Citroen DS3 2009 Owner’s Manual.pdf7.1MbDownload
Citroen DS3 2010 Owner’s Manual.pdf7.4MbDownload
Citroen DS3 2011 Owner’s Manual.pdf25.1MbDownload
Citroen DS3 2012 Owner’s Manual.pdf9.6MbDownload
Citroen DS3 2013 Owner’s Manual.pdf9.6MbDownload
Citroen DS3 2014 Owner’s Manual.pdf12.6MbDownload
Citroen DS3 2015 Owner’s Manual.pdf12MbDownload
Citroen DS3 2016 Owner’s Manual.pdf12.7MbDownload
Citroen DS4 2010 Workshop Manual.djvu69MbDownload
Citroen DS4 2011 Owner’s Manual.pdf12.1MbDownload
Citroen DS4 2012 Owner’s Manual.pdf12.1MbDownload
Citroen DS4 2013 Owner’s Manual.pdf31.9MbDownload
Citroen DS4 2014 Owner’s Manual.pdf32MbDownload
Citroen DS4 2015 Owner’s Manual.pdf12.7MbDownload
Citroen DS4 2016 Owner’s Manual.pdf10.3MbDownload
Citroen DS4 2017 Owner’s Manual.pdf8.8MbDownload
Citroen DS5 2011 Owner’s Manual.pdf11.1MbDownload
Citroen DS5 2012 Owner’s Manual.pdf10.6MbDownload
Citroen DS5 2013 Owner’s Manual.pdf10.3MbDownload
Citroen DS5 2014 Owner’s Manual.pdf32.6MbDownload
Citroen DS5 2015 Owner’s Manual.pdf24.1MbDownload
Citroen DS5 2016 Owner’s Manual.pdf55.1MbDownload
Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 2011 Owner’s Manual.pdf10.8MbDownload
Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 2012 Owner’s Manual.pdf10.8MbDownload
Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 2013 Owner’s Manual.pdf13.6MbDownload
Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 2014 Owner’s Manual.pdf14.5MbDownload
Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 2015 Owner’s Manual.pdf12.4MbDownload
Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 2016 Owner’s Manual.pdf12.6MbDownload
Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 Owners manual.rar32.6MbDownload
Citroen DS5 Owners manual.rar33.3MbDownload
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